By Ed Kennedy 1983
Revised by Chris Williams 2008

In 1959, ASHRAE was formed when the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers (ASHVE), known after 1954 as American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHAE) and the American Society of Refrigerating Engineers (ASRE) merged.  Shortly thereafter in August of the same year, impetus toward formation of a local chapter came from Frank Vaughn, a representative of Sporlan Valve.  He and James May of American Air Filter, then chairman of Region VII, initiated discussions with Ed Kennedy of Ed's Supply and these led to meetings with among others, I. C. Thomasson and Don Nichols of I. C. Thomasson & Associates, Dick Wood of American Air Filter and Faulkner Hickerson of Burkhalter-Hickerson Architects.  From these early contacts, the circle widened and further discussions culminated in the formation of the Nashville Chapter of ASHRAE.

The early officers were a who's who of the Nashville HVAC community.  They included I. C. Thomasson as the first president.  I. C. Thomasson and M. T. Gossett, had collaborated on one of the city's first commercial air conditioning systems at the B&W cafeteria in 1933. In addition to president, the charter officers were Roy King, Vice President, James Potter, Secretary, Ted Moats, Treasurer, Bob Bibb, Programs, Don Nichols, Membership, Ed Kennedy, Director, and Faulkner Hickerson, Director.  There were 38 charter members. 

The original name of the chapter was just "Nashville."  However, it soon became apparent that "Middle Tennessee" would be more appropriate since the membership rolls included many from outside the city.  Later, the Nashville Chapter sponsored and initiated the Knoxville Chapter and the Chattanooga Chapter. After the founding of these chapters, the Middle Tennessee Chapter once again became just the "Nashville" Chapter. 

The chapter held its first few meetings at a restaurant in the Westgate Shopping Center on Highway 100, but soon M. T. Gossett offered the use of Gossett's Barn as a meeting place.  The barn, located behind the Gossett residence on Abbott Martin Road was a popular gathering place for catered parties in those times and the Gossett's were generous in their grant of its use to various groups.  In appreciation, the chapter installed a heating and air conditioning system in the barn.  In later years, ASHRAE met at the B & W Cafeteria in Green Hills, the Ramada Inn on James Robertson Boulevard, the Ramada Inn at Spence Lane, and briefly at the Music City Sheraton.

In 2001, the Nashville ASHRAE Chapter joined with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the American Council of Engineering Companies of Tennessee (ACEC), and the Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE) to create the $1,850,000 Tennessee Engineering Center.  This addition to what was then called the Cumberland Science Museum, and is now called the Adventure Science Center, created a permanent home for all six contributing societies. 

On the national level Nashville has been the host of many meetings and conferences. Nashville hosted the Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) in 1968, 1983, 2000, and 2004.  The Nashville Chapter hosted the National Annual Meeting for the first time in 1987, and again in 2004. 

Since the chartering of the Nashville Chapter, its members have loyally supported the chapter with their time and resources.  Members have worked on research, resource promotion, technical committees, and leadership roles.  The members have created a forum for discussion, where members could become acquainted with the work of colleagues, and where the sharing of information and fellowship has served the industry well.


The Nashville Chapter was the first ASHRAE chapter formed after the merger of ASHAE and ASRE. Its first meeting was in September 1959.

I.C. Thomasson, President
Roy King, Vice President
James Potter, Secretary
Ted Moats, Treasurer
Bob Bibb, Program
Don Nichols, Membership
Ed Kennedy, Director
Faulkner Hickerson, Director

Harole Alessio
Cal Amick
Joe Austin
Bruce Bayer
Ed Bryan
Jack Casteel
Mr. Conrad
Russel Dockum
Horton Earley
Paul Fly
John Gilmore
M.T. Gossett
Lester Hanes
Bob Harwell
Bobby Kemp
Frank Kurzynski
Wallace Lee
Eddie Lunn, Sr.
Lewis Mccauley
Ed Nance
Ray Neblett
Joe Parks
Andy Reid
Tom Seckman
Barker Stamps
Cliff Tollefson
John Tudor
Bill Vick
Dick Wood
Mark Young


1959 - 1960 I.C. Thomason
1960 - 1961 Roy King
1961 - 1962 Don Nichols
1962 - 1963 Ted Moats
1963 - 1964 Bob Bibb
1964 - 1965 Dick Wood
1965 - 1966 Dick Herbert
1966 - 1967 Tom Seckman
1967 - 1968 Norris Wilson
1968 - 1969 Cal Amick
1969 - 1970 Gene Allison
1970 - 1971 Walter Green
1971 - 1972 David Erwin
1972 - 1973 Mel Smith
1973 - 1974 Ted Lee
1974 - 1975 Phil Armstrong
1975 - 1976 Ed Kennedy
1976 - 1977 Jim Oakley
1977 - 1978 Hank Waechter
1978 - 1979 Jack Eddleman
1979 - 1980 Jim Galbreath
1980 - 1981 Michael C. Kearney
1981 - 1982 Danny Brown
1982 - 1983 Eddie Lunn
1983 - 1984 Sherman Anderson
1984 - 1985 Dave Logan
1985 - 1986 Roger Chase
1986 - 1987 R. D. Herbert III
1987 - 1988 David Kittrill
1988 - 1989 John Olert
1989 - 1990 Tom Kelley
1990 - 1991 Don Franklin
1991 - 1992 Harold Cook
1992 - 1993 Jim Hale
1993 - 1994 Burkley Allen
1994 - 1995 Robert Bunn
1995 - 1996 Steve Harold
1996 - 1997 Fran Scholl
1997 - 1998 Gary Carrington
1998 - 1999 Andy Charron
1999 - 2000 Mike Saunders
2000 - 2001 Paul Draper
2001 - 2002 Earl Keith
2002 - 2003 Roger Wehby
2003 - 2004 Mark Murray
2004 - 2005 Linda Wimberly
2005 - 2006 Dan Leonard
2006 - 2007 Tim Grabbe
2007 - 2008 Don Reaville
2008 - 2009 Chris Williams
2009 - 2010 Matt Nicholson
2010 - 2011 Jonathan Yeager
2011 - 2012 Matthew Fruetel
2012 - 2013 Chris Reeves
2013 - 2014 Michael Coradini
2014 - 2015 David Ballard
2015 - 2016 P.J. Mezera
2016 - 2017 Jessica Gardner
2017 - 2018 Shane Wanner
2018 - 2019 Elizabeth Franklin

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